Panneaux perdus

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Posters shape our urban landscape, tinting the concrete jungle with the rhythm of consumption. A fast beat accompanies the continuous replacement of products and ideologies. New posters follow up the old, one above the other. Soon the posters melt into a thick and rigid sheet of colorful layers. The heavy cake of our desires and beliefs has to be removed in order to paste up the latest promotion.
This is where the magic happens: the act of ripping off what is removable leads to an interplay of forces. Glue versus human. The first is sticking strongly onto evidences of the past. The other urges its clearance. But human power cannot erase all traces of outdated novelties. Covering the past with a new layer only seems superior for a while. With the next interference, the number of residues will increase. The image grows deeper. Spots, lines, remnants of colors and pictures create a rough surface that make all kinds of figures and faces appear, dancing slowly to the melody of transience.