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30/11 // 20:00 // potlatch

opening Performances /// jochem baelus, andreia rodriguez, Miroslav kochanek
“In the indigenous context, potlatch, the event of the gift, takes place in an attuning against war. The tribes come together. The potlatch is a ritual practice that shifts the stirrings of the war-machine towards something else. This something else is not about the object per se, not about material conditions alone. It is about shifting the field, and in the case of the potlatch this happens not only through the giving, but also through the destruction of the gift.” (Brian Massumi, Politics of Affect)

01/12 // 19:00

please don’t go

intervention of disruptive politeness by sven verelst


never come back

a kabuda memorial ceremony by gilles jules




06/12 // 20:00 splittings

d. de keyser

concert inspired by anarchitecture

the rules are just suggestions

drumsolo with auxiliary resources by egon loosveldt

dj zjef

07/12 // 20:00

Fractals # 2

Cleaning up the practice of a veterinary. clearing traces of injured or dead animals, two times a week. Obsessed with traumata, the cleaning lady circles around a universe of bizarre accidents, split identities & twisted love affairs.
adaptation of Fragtals (Andrea Lagos) Recycled by Mieke Weckesser work in progress by Vesna Jokić, Mieke Weckesser, Andrea Lagos



ripping pieces

performance by johanna nielson


sina seifee


09/12 // 14:00

Afternoon Jazz with Tesseract Trio

12/12 // 20:00


improvisation-set. noisy psychodelic solo fun by annelies van dinter


scream series #5

performance by lili m. rampre



15/12 // 20:00

pre-end of the year celebration

emotional electro schlager BY norman hoffman
baum // concert
dj jon dark


21/12 // 17:30

Midwinter solstice WITH

destroy, she said

silent destruction practice by anouk llaurens

“I am in favor of shutting down all the faculties, all the universities, all the schools, deeply. Starting at zero. It’s the deep spirit of “Destroy, she said”. I am in favor to forget the history, the history of France, the history of the world, completely, that there is no longer any memory of what has been lived. The intolerable, on all fronts, on all points. Break all. In “Destroy”, I try to situate the change of man, the revolutionary stage, at the level of the inner life. I believe that if we do not do this step, interior, if the man does not change, in his loneliness, nothing is possible, all the revolutions will be rigged. This I believe it deeply.”
(Marguerite Duras, 30st of November 1969)

merci bedankt

technical engineer // amer al shanawany
for fractals #2 //  Eugen Schumaiko & Kleintierpraxis in der Wiehre
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